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The platform utilizes user level authentication in order to ensure your data is protected. If you do not have a username and passwod, please contact your system administrator so they may create an account for you.

Understanding the Hierarchy

The CORE platform has three principal layers - Service Provider, Client, and Facility. At the service provider level, operational users such as CDIS, coders, and auditors are defined to enable operational access to client and facilities that belong to the client. With that said, security is a top priority. While these operational users may get access to clients and facilities that belong to the service provider, they are not granted that right by default. Each user must be explicitly granted rights to each work pool before they can access that set of the client's data.


Create the structure that works for your environment and delegate common administrative and operational tasks to other appropriate individuals within the same organization or their facilities.

Work Your Queue

Once you are logged in, you may click the "Home" link in the menu bar from any page to return to your personalized landing page. Your landing page should contain shortcuts to all of the common functions that you need to do your job effectively. There is no need to comb through lists of data. We show your data right from the start.

Personal Landing Page ยป

Be Productive

Leverage the TruCode encoder along with our built-in change tracking and inference logic to make your job easier. Even though the platform does a lot automatically, we recognize that you are the expert and sometimes there are exceptions to the rules. You will always have the power to make corrections and override the system.


Data capture is only half of the challenge. Without reporting, the data is just taking up space. It is very important to us to provide meaningful reports that allow you to quickly and effectively analyze your data with key performance metrics. Because these reports are highly specialized, they are accessed via separate report landing pages througout the system based on your current context. Work Pool level reports focus on data captured within the single work pool. Facility level reports allow you to see trends over time amongst multiple work pools. And client level reports allow you to aggregate the metrics between multiple facilities.

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